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Americans pulled the Okidoke on Racist Trump White house

US White house is Sick and Beurocratic Sycophants even Sicker!

Scribe: N. Tru Bass





The United States of America is currently headed by an imbecile. In a Gestapo like move the White house announced two popular apps will no longer be available in US app stores. Both Wechat and Tik Tok will be controlled with technical restrictions limiting their functionality in the U.S.

The unprecedented move is being taken in the name of National Security and privacy concerns according to the puppets at the U.S. Commerce Department. The announcement was made Friday after the US Government was unsuccessful in getting the firms into the hands of a U.S. company. Trump tried to pressure the Chinese owned company to sell and when they refused to simply give their company away he has taken steps to shut it down. And here’s why.

Back in June American citizen adults and teens alike launched a campaign purchasing tickets to the infamous Tulsa Oklahoma campaign event for Trump for president again. However, the Americans never intended to go in the first place. This campaign was waged on Tik Tok.

The current actions spearheaded by the White house is clearly in retaliation to the tanking of the Oklahoma event that proved to be a super-spreading Covid-19 affair. More than 1 million tickets were requested. The event was held at the BOK center (capacity 19,000). The White house announce plans to have outside speakers to the anticipated “sold out” party. Disrespectfully, it was held on Juneteenth (19 June) a day of celebration for the African American community, commemorating the end of American slavery. It was meant to be a slight. An additional slight --Tulsa was the site of a massacre in 1921, where a white mob who was frustrated with area Blacks having economic advantages while they suffered sparked a killing spree of the upscale Black community. The Black area of town died with the massacre making Tulsa great again.

The dismantling of the two Chinese made apps should not be. Yet, another example of why Net Neutrality protections was important. These actions mirror actions by the Furior Adolf Hitler in the early 20th century.

Trump has got to go! Vote 3 November 2020!

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