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Trump the Great

Trump led U.S. Coup Fails!

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



A protest happened and a seizing of the Nation’s Capitol building as hundreds of protesters bum rushed the building full of law makers. Chaos in-sued as one woman was shot and others casually commandeered offices and took pictures of themselves with their feet on the desk.

Poor and working class whites filled DC and overrun the capitol police. The national guard, state police and local police were called to secure the buildings and grounds.

In a distant recorded message, Trump, said, “I understand you are upset...go home in peace.” Many onlookers did not believe the recorded message was enough. The president asked the neo-nazi group to come to DC on Wednesday and create chaos.

Death toll of the attempted coup is 5. 4 people died from medical emergencies and 1 lady was shot to death.

The crowd was successful.

During the final presidential debate Trump asked his neo-nazi flunkeys to,”stand back and stand by.”

The big day is 6 January 2020, neo nazi’s have scheduled a protest to push back on the electoral college certification by congress. In a twist the latin x leader of the proud boys was arrested as he arrived in DC over the weekend. The rally has been dubbed the “stop the steal,” rally.

Washington DC has strict gun laws but expect to have to police the groups scheduled to populate the streets on Wednesday. As a prelude, D.C Police Chief Robert Contee offered an admoniton saying, “anyone carrying firearms would be arrested.”

On Tuesday a D.C. judge banned the proud boys leader from the nations capitol after he was accused of vandalizing a Church banner at an historic Black church. During the Monday arrest he was found with high-capacity automatic gun ammunition clips.

Enrique Tarrio. Was involved with the destruction of a BLM banner at the Asbury United Methodist Church in the district. He also promised that his Neo-nazi group would turn out in record numbers for the protest on the Capitol.



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