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Tru Bass

Tru Bass, The Thinkering News and Commentary

Tru Bass, Publisher, The Thinkering News and Commentary

For years the American people have argued the compliant corporate media is complicit with
the corruptible US government. While the quasi neo nazi in the White House, activates poor
and working class whites to create an 1865 environment, high quality people like Tamika
Mallory and BLM movement consistently pushes back hard.

While American’s are fighting internally, the people in China are celebrating a third moon
landing. Returning with moon rocks and technology that had no problem operating nearly
250,000 miles from the face of the earth.


Our genetic little brothers have lost their way. And we have to cease our mindless support of
American institutions and unhitch our wagon to their wayward actions.

More than 1 million people have been killed in the name of the American people in the middle
east in the last 20 years. In 2007, the man that was once said to be, America’s most powerful
banker —Alan Greenspan admitted the Iraq was was about oil. American military personal
who served are currently suffering from physical issues such as tumors, sexual dysfunction,
migraines, muscle spasms and PTSD. 6857 dead, 31, 994 WIA.

Iraqi sources cited more than 1 million civilian deaths back in 2007, so I know the official
numbers are low. I have seen that lowball official count in other areas like the number of

African’s kidnapped into slavery, it’s not unprecedented.
To the love ones of American personal, who were killed, to those who were wounded to those
that survived. To the Iraqi civilians and other non combatants killed by the US military. I do
sincerely apologize. This should not be happening. And most Americans agree with me. Our
governments executive leadership has lost it way.

Domestically, 168 people of color, unarmed have been shot and killed by police in 2020. One
of the most gut wrenching murders was the public killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN.
The cowardly police officer forced his knee into the mans neck until he died. Fortunately, a
very young Darnella Frazier was on the scene and video documented the event. Darnella, you
are a rock star, I’m very proud that you had the presence of mind to pull out your camera. I
want you to know, that you were wronged, you should not have been exposed to that kind of
sickness exhibited by the abusive policeman.

We can no longer support police agencies. Government sponsored Murder is what that
represents. Bankers who loot the people don’t suffer this behavior nor go to jail for their
transgressions. International murders including the aforementioned ones as well as the US
killings in Libya, Yemen, Egypt and other places have suffered at the hands of the wayward
Americans working in government. That faction is a very small but powerful group of bad

Another gripe that I have is the Black family. I want to remind you all that the black family in
America has never existed in a healthy way. Slave owners constantly reminded Fathers,
mothers, sons and daughters at any given moment any of them could be killed away or sold
away. That is one helluva mind job. Even today, the courts act as slave owners in deciding
who the child lives with and how much mothers and fathers should pay. Same thing new day.
And that is one helluva mind job. We can recover the family but it's going to take a plan and
some abolishment of current laws and ideas about the Black family. We can not wait for an
American government solution. They will only offer a different brand of oppression. You have
to remember, the slave in the kitchen, had a different situation, but he was still a slave. He may

have thought he was doing well but realized when the property owner decided to sell his son
away that he was still legal property of someone else. The solution this circumstance is in us
and no one else.

Let's talk about real psychological damage. If you travel say to Italy, Ireland or China, go to a
man’s house a man of any socio-economic standing, take his son or daughter out of that
house, kill him. That father will hunt for your head for the rest of his life. We won’t be satisfied
until he’s looking down at your grave. But, because of damage, the African American does not.
Have you ever asked yourself why?

The duality of American culture, the hypocrisy of American culture suggest we are still
enslaved. Many people will not agree due to being asleep. However, the same laws and rules
that enslaved our fore fathers and mothers have simple been adjusted. The primary ideas
there were use to hold us in bondage in the first place are still alive and well. If you don’t agree
its because you are the frog that was put in the cool pot and someone switched on the heat —
you are about to boil to death and don’t realize it.

Our educational system is good evidence, check out the disparity of the dropout rate. Many
men have not been able to get a high school diploma, and go on to run multi million dollar
business. When schools were integrated we placed our children into the hands of white men

and women. At the same time whites were voicing their disdain for people of color.
We can no longer sit around a wait for America to do the right thing. It's just not going to
happen. We can no longer wait for the police to just stop shooting unarmed black women,
children and men. We can’t wait for anything else to happen. I’m impressed with what I see
with today’s youth, now it’s time to reach out to some of the community’s stalwarts, like the
Honorable Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Joy Degruy, Socrates Garret and others for

A solid African American agenda must be put in place. Clearly, the European lifestyle will not
work for the African family. We have to take the time to understand the slavery experience.
We have to revisit our past and understand how we got here. Make ourselves whole, and move
forward. And we must be honest.

As for the media piece, I can’t do anything about TV news that you see, however there are
outlets offering a more truthful version of news online.

I am launching The Thinkering News and Commentary, 156 years after the effective date of the
Emancipation Proclamation went into effect. Our focus will be about people of color
communicating one to another across city and stateliness, across regions and internationally.

We will provide two way communication for the American people in an effort to reestablish trust
in Fourth Estate as a credible balancer for those powerful men and women in governmental

We will provide a place to upload audio, video and text, and I want you to be part of The
Thinkering family from your community. This is a call to justice, If or when you see an injustice
going on in your neck of the woods send it in and we will get it out to the mass community.
Currently, we have more than 980,000 active email addresses so Log in and make sure we
have yours.

The Thinkering will never be televised. I guess Gil Scot Herring had it right so many years ago
when he said, the revolution will not be televised.

Our focus will be on disseminating information from non-profits, businesses and individuals
that make up the African diaspora. We must create our own institutions and abandon
institutions that we financially support, only for those places to support a big-got in the White
House. Time is Up!

We will provide you with a list of businesses that are pushing against everyone receiving
justice. We must then, cease spending with these firms and focus on businesses who
appreciate our business. Your battle here is about unity among people of color. Unity, among
those who can’t speak loudly. Unity for those oppressed.

The Thinkering intentionally visits the past, contemporary events and offers an open line of
communication. We discuss the arts, politics, education and every important topic, and how it
relates of us specifically.

Do me a favor and tell your friends and family about The Thinkering. We are a network here to
serve our people, with the primary focus of change. 156 years have past. let's make that
change. I think it was the great Michael Jackson who said, “There is nothing that can’t be
done if we raise our voice as one.”

Until, next time, from the Land of the Sleeping Giant! I’m Tru Bass, remember, we standing on
the shoulders of giants!


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