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Soccer Player thought Dead found Alive in Germany

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Hiannick Kamba, 33, is alive and well. The top flight soccer prospect was reported dead by his wife more than four years age has turned up in Germany working for a utility company.

In 2016 Kamba was reported dead after a car accident, his then wife filed and received insurance payments after reporting his death. She is now under investigation.

A German newspaper reported the high potential footballer is alive and employed at an energy company. It turns out he washed out of the top flight club, but last played for a low division German club at last check. According to his attorney, Kamba reported to the German Embassy in the Congolese capitol of Kinshasa, but could not prove his identity until recently. He says his identification documents were all stolen back in 2016 and took years to replace.

The former footballer is now a chemical technician at a West Germany Energy company.

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