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Racist Couple NYC

Racist Couple claimed Reverse Racism on Brooklyn Ferry

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



A confrontation resulted in the removal of a husband and wife from a NYC ferry. Passengers complained about the couple not wearing a mask, which prompted them to declare discrimination against white people.

Saturday night the unmasked duo refused the captains orders and were removed by NYPD officers. Not before a spirited rant about Black lives matter. According to the Gothamist a 45-minute stand off ended in a de-boating forcing the couple to find a different way back to their Bay Ridge home.

The woman decried that she would not have been forced to wear a mask, “if we were fu** Black.” The middle aged protesters held up transporters for nearly an hour. They were cited with disorderly conduct as they were escorted off the boat to cheers from fellow passengers.

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