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Train Cleaning

MTA Shutting Down Overnight for Cleaning

Scribe: N. Tru Bass


For the first time in 115 years the New York Transit system shut down Wednesday morning for a planned nightly disinfecting process. The NoroCornavirus has prompted the MTA to change its protocol to ensure the daily health of its passengers. At 1a.m. This morning stations were shut down to riders and the homeless population that has inhabited the stations since the outbreak were cleared out for the cleaning.

Police officers, social workers, nurses and others have been employed to dutifully disinfect the train in preparation for the morning commute. According to the chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Pay Foye, “We’re the city that never sleeps and we’re proud that the manifestation of that is that the subway runs 24-7.”

Since 1904, the subway has functioned all day and all night, not even the Influenza Pandemic altered the schedule of the train. The MTA assures essential workers alternative bus routs overnight to cover for the pause in the normal underground schedule. Additionally, the homeless will be re-routed to more than 30 locations near the ends of the terminal lines where additional services will be offered.


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