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Lack of Wisdom in the White House

Leaders of the Free World lacking Prudence?

Scribe: N. Tru Bass




The average citizen is making more reasonable decision than the leader of the free world and his advisers. The government of the people by the people has become disconnected. The sitting billionaire grifter president has defied the basic tenements of being healthy in a time of a worldwide pandemic.

To date more than 34 people in and around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In DC. have become sick with the coronavirus. No medical intervention has occurred since the initial outbreak at the top of the year. However, wearing masks over the nose and mouth has proven to be a consistent prevention method.

The president and two senior aids announced being high profile victims of the virus less than two weeks ago. According to reports the president has continued to refuse to wear a mask as a chronic solution for prevention.

If the white house makes awful decision in something as basic as pandemic control how can we as American citizen expect this leadership to make good international policy decisions?

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