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Low Down Trump

Iran swears Murder Arrest Warrant for President Donald Trump

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Iraq and Iran swear out arrest warrant for U.S. president Donald J. Trumps arrest for murder.

Thursday morning in Baghdad, Iraqi swore out an arrest warrant for Donald Trump for the murder of Genaral Qassim Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. The warrant was issued by an investigative court who proved the men were killed by a drone strike ordered by the Trump administration.

The warrant was for a charge of premeditated murder. The penalty upon conviction is the death penalty. Since last January’s murders, Iran backed groups have intensified attacks against American soldiers and military personnel and pressurized relations between the US and Iraq.

In a process that is generally perfunctory has turned deadly. The certification of the electoral college vote was met with rioting due to the irresponsible behavior or the sitting president of the United States of America.

White privileged, spoke loudly today as poor and working class whites seized the US Capitol building forcing lawmakers into hiding.

Psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee, of Yale University, offered a caveat to the American people and the world Mr. Trump suffered from several psychological ailments. The presidents behavior have proven her and others correct as four people have lost their lives due to the overrunning of Washington DC.

Dr. Bandy X. Lee, also suggested the mob that follows Trump are also victims of a mass psychosis. The brilliant doctor has now been proven correct. This man’s presidency started as a five time draft dodger. He was inclined to settle a law suite where he defrauded elderly people out of their retirement. He is underhandedly responsible for the death’s of Carl Dorsey III-murdered by Newark, NJ Police -5 January, Dolan Idd, killed in Minneapolis 30 December, 2020, George Floyd, Heather Heyer, Breonna Taylor and 170 additional Americans.

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Interestingly, the privileged whites who claims the country owes them are confused. The average white family has been in this country 3 generations the average Black family has been here for 9 generations. And in just 3 generations they feel as if someone owes them something. And we do, I good common ass-whipping.

The compliant corporate media stood back from calling the sitting president a guy that offers alternicate facts to more honest verbiage a liar, after Wednesday’s actions.

America’s government has proven it will sacrifice the White house, the congress and any other institution to uphold what it holds sacred, White supremacy.


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