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What the Experts are sayiing: Coronavirus and Animals

Scribe: N. Tru Bass




Coronavirus has been a game changer around the world. The epidemic started s a military bio germ weapon attempt or a supernatural phenomena the change has been made. The virus is an amalgamation of an easy to catch disease and SARS.

On Monday the Bronx Zoo tested and reported a positive finding in a big cat called Nadia. Nadia is an Asian Tiger, she along with six other big cats were infected by an asymptomatic zoo keeper. Nadia and several other cats are showing symptoms of a dry cough since the final week in March.

Experts believe the disease moved from animals to humans and this is one of the first incidents that the Virus moved from humans to Animals.

Another negative effect has been animals internationally, have been showing up daily to meet with people as they have on a daily for months and some for years. To no fanfare and no humans. As a result zoo animals are becoming disappointed, without having people to interact with.

In urban areas around the world including here at home, many animals whose movement is generally curtailed, have realized unrestricted movement. In Wales wild goats are venturing into town and causing curious stares as people are staying in doors. Hungry monkeys in Thailand are roaming around urban areas looking for food that's usually easy to find due to human spreading and feeding. In the US ducks and other animals that are used to food provided by humans are going hungry due to the lack of human public eating and movement.




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