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Trump the Great

Trump Activates Gen Y'ers and Gen Z is Peeved

Scribe: N. Tru Bass


It’s clear to anyone with eyes to see that Donald Trump is attempting to burn down the house on his way out. As a lame duck president he has done everything possible to create chaos and to sow dissent among the citizenry. The sitting president has been brilliant at reassigning roles. Initially, most people just saw him as stupid or as Bandy X. Lee says, Psychotic. He has convinced some Latin x to support him, that has to be considered brilliant.

A good example of this re-tagging would be Enrique Torrio, he sincerely wants to be considered white. Oh, my dear brother, whites don’t want you and nor do Latin x people now. You are confused and I hope you take some time to seek help.


In contrast, one glaring difference that I’m seeing and hearing among African American’s is a new galvanizing and coming together. Blacks are actively seeking black business to do business with. Amazingly, it’s different, I a give credit to the new generation of young African Americans who are headed to the streets to protest, writing disapproving commentaries and more.

While Gen x’ers are questioning their decision to invest the last 20-30 years in the corporate idea of success find themselves asking if they will still be employed in March – If the mortgage would be secure.

I don’t think Gen y’ers are going to make the same mistake, I see them embracing entrepreneurship and independence. And to those people I salute your efforts, don’t let the old heads get you down.

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