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Chrystul Kizer

Trafficked girl faces life in Prison in Kenosha

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Our country has become a cesspool of corruption. Crystul Kizer, a young Black teen who was sexually trafficked by a white man who she killed. She is facing life in prison. Her abuser was a known felon who was known by the Kenosha police to abuse and traffic young black women until Kizer killed him she says in self-defense.

Randall Volar’s sexual exploits against Black girls as young as 12 years old was well documented by the Kenosha police yet Volar remained free for months. In 2018 June, Kizer says she shot and killed him after he drugged and attempted to rape her. She was released from jail in June on a $400,000 bond and is currently facing life in prison and scheduled to be prosecuted by the same prosecutor in the Jacob Blake case. DA Michael Graveley will decide how to prosecute Kizer, his bias is well documented.

Volar began trafficking Kizer when she was 16 years-old, fresh in the city from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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