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No Charges

No Charges in Kenosha -- Justice Denied in Blake Shooting!

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



As most people of color expected, the officer that shot Jacob S. Blake in the back 7 times hitting for will not face charges. Albert Cleage once said, this country will sacrifice the courts the law to maintian what he holds sacred, white supremacy.

As Kenosha, WI prepares for the verdict involving Jacob Blake, preparations are under way. Local stores are boarding up and and reinforced. As I read through the images in the news as online sources reporters are reporting, I noticed a sign saying, “Kids live upstairs.” I found it interesting.

Jacob S. Blake, a 29-year old who was shot and seriously injured by the shooter, Rusten Sheskey. Sheskey is a Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer who shot Blake in the back at point blank range on 23 August 2020. It happened at a time when energies were high, people exhausted and tired of being sick and tired. A population done seeing police shoot unarmed men, women and children of color.

Remember now, 23 August is a very special day. But, not in Kenosha in 2020.

At the time of the shooting, Three of Blake’s sons were in the car, on the backseat. If you recall, Blake opened the driver-side door and was immediately shot. The incident incited local marches, protesting, clashes with police. During the chaos two protesters were shot in a confrontation with an armed civilian.

The Blake shooting was provocative enough to invoke protests in other cities and states. It was videoed from someone across the street from the incident and we got a ringside seat. Non of us wanted to see it, again. It has gotten to the point it’s clear the powers that be does not mind it happening. Injuring and killing unarmed citizens has become par for the course and we all know it.

And sure, emotions are high, today, Tuesday 5 Jan, 2021, there are 20,969,667 active covid-19 cases. The world is suffering from global warming . People trafficking is at an all time high and the dude in the White house might not be leaving on 20 January as scheduled.

I mentioned earlier, there was a boarded building and someone had written on one of the plywood window covers, “Kids live upstairs.” My first thought was whoever she/he are talking to have more of a moral cover than the officers that Blake encountered just six months ago. Or at-least she has more faith in who she expects to see the sign than she does in the police.

The people the message was intended for are expected to skip this building if and when the melee breaks out. However, police personnel created the narrative long ago, to support their mission of continuing to push down certain US factions(Black and Brown). This message was apparently meant for that same group.

The plan to oppress poor people, working class people, Blacks and Brown’s originated in the mind of a white supremacist. The plan is also continually carried out by white supremacist whether a neo-nazi or a neo-nazi wearing a police uniform.

Maybe it’s time to speak to American’s with the sensibilities of the expected readers of the missive, “Kids live upstairs.”

If she has that much faith in her potential reader, then maybe we should too.

At the end of the day justice would eliminate the rest of the drama, but when nationalist continue to expect to treat some American’s unfairly, there will be drama. Justice=peace.

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