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Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor, No One Responsible!

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



No surprise, Breonna Taylor is gone and no one stands responsible for breaking into her home and killing her.   African Americans are not safe in their own homes they were not in 1720 and they are not in 2020.

Daniel Cameron, serves as an ideal example of what it looks like when white supremacy is disseminated by a Black man.  The philosophy is ugly no matter who believes that white is supreme.

Americans who believe in justice are not surprised at the result of the brutal government sponsored killing.   This is the result that the criminal justice establishment dispenses via status quo.  This is not justice.

The criminal justice apparatus in America cannot be trusted.  Federal, state, nor local law enforcement simply cannot be trusted.   And that’s unfortunate, for good law enforcement officials.  The status quo does not work for most Americans.   


The announcement made by Cameron does not represent justice.  It's a government sanctioned killing justified by a Black man who believes that white is right.   The Daniel Camerons in law enforcement must go.


Say it with me, Criminal Justice Reform —Now!

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