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  • Kenosha Police Shot Unarmed Black Man
    Life Style
    Police Shot Unarmed Black Man in Back 7 Times
    Defiant police organizations continue to attack unarmed citizen. This time in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where 29 year old, Jacob Blake fell to the uniformed assassins bullet. Early reports says, the man was shot in the back several times by local police while responding to a domestic inquiry.
  • Train Cleaning
    MTA Shutting Down Overnight for Cleaning
    Since 1904, the subway has functioned all day and all night, not even the Influenza Pandemic altered the schedule of the train.
  • Tru Bass
    Life Style
    Tru Bass, The Thinkering News and Commentary
    Publisher Tru Bass offers and introduction and general information about the fastest growing news source in the Tri-State area. Bass is the former head of the African American history Minu12te that featured people of color who were said to be the best in the world in their chosen fields. The tour covered 35,000 miles and interviewed 1,276 people.
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