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Harvard Study suggest Systemic Racism is cause of Disparity

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Well its official, the Walter Cronkite days are over. Corporate media outlets are simply not in the business of actual news anymore. The coverage that we see from the countries dailies and TV programs are yellow at best

Chief Justice Ralph Gants asked his Alma-mater to find out why Massachusetts has such a stark disparity along racial lines as it relates to imprisonment and sentences. The Harvard Law School went into action to find the answer. Initially, the belief was as Heather MacDonald said in an OP/ED piece in the USA Today on 6 July 2020; “Much of modern policing is driven by crime data and community demands for help. The African American community tends to be policed more heavily, because that is where people are disproportionately hurt by violent street crime.”That's not exactly what the prestigious law school found. The 100 page multi-year research project yielded a single reason as to why the disparity exist, systemic racism. It pointed a finger at the laws, police officers, prosecutors, judges, and prisons themselves. And the myth that Blacks commit more crimes than whites is categorically false.

It reminds me of a statement I read in one of Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman (Albert Cleage) books years ago, and I’m paraphrasing, “The American system will sacrifice the courts, the law and anything else to maintain the status quo.” The status quo being white supremacy.

The reality that we are all facing is obvious. Until we deal with white supremacy, finally, we will always have to deal with disparities in economics, education, health care, the criminal justice system, voting, etc. It’s time we take an honest look in the mirror and begin to right the wrongs of our national past.

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