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Boston Dynamics Spot

AI Robots becoming Mans Best Friend.




Artificial intelligence is turning the page and making a
difference for COVIC-19 victims.  

Boston Dynamics has brought forward a number of gig robots
and this one's name is spot.  Last month the company
released information that it is partnering with local
hospitals interested in using the new canine platform to
visit victims of the deadly virus thats killed nearly 75,000

Singapore is using Spot to patrol parks and to remind people
to employ social distancing.  The pilot program started on
Friday and will continue for the next two weeks. 

The robot will not operate independently, it will be
controlled by a remote operator as it patrols Singapore's
Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.  It will initiate a recorded message
to remind park goes not to get too close. 

The high tech device uses build in algorithms to detect a
person or object within approximately 1 yard of its
proximity to avoid collision.  A park ranger will accompany
Spot during the trial period to make sure he stays out of

Critiques warn this type of technology could be easily
outfitted to use face tracking and other technologies to
collect personal data.    

Spot is one example of innovation moving forward.  Look out
for a robotic dog in your local park.  


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