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Monday 10, September 2012

Change Kids Can Live With: Transition

Contrary to popular belief, schools are considered destinations of great change for students.  The very nature of "school" asks students to change and we assume students do so without difficulty.  The school environment makes it necessary for kids to generate a specific set of personal coping skills.  In Motivation in Education by... Read More »


But They Forgot About Dre:Dr. Dre Tops Forbes List


The new Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings 2012 top 20 list has been released, with Beats headphone maker Dr. Dre topping the list. Read More »


Peterson Convicted for The Murder of His Third Wife

Jurors convicted Drew Peterson of murdering his third wife Thursday, capping a sensational, five-year legal saga that began after the swaggering former Illinois police officer's fourth wife vanashed. Read More »

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Creative Bank Robbery In LA

Pic02 Two suspected robbers at an East Los Angeles Bank of America, who kidnapped the bank manager and strapped her with apparent explosives, avoided being seen on bank security cameras, authorities said. Read More »

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