Barack Obama returns to Politics

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Barack Obama

Scribe: Samuel Otis


On Thursday former president Barack Obama vowed to return to politics in the hopes to re-invigorate voters again. In Alabama he intends to stand behind Doug Jones a former prosecutor he is opposing racist Roy S. Moore, in the KKK corridor. He has also been taped to represent gubernatorial candidates in Virginia and New Jersey respectfully.

Candidates are concerned they would not be able to engage African American voters or inspire them to head to the polls on election day. Pundits are charging the black community with Clinton's loss in decisive states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin dooming her run for th White house last year.

Democrats across the country are hoping Mr. Obama can again get people excited about change, even after a lackluster two terms of senate rejections for the two term president.

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And not a moment to soon .. go get em.

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