Gaming a Mental disorder

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Gaming Disorder

Scribe: Samuel Otis



In the United States and most western countries gaming has become a serious past time and for some a bit more. We have all thought about whether or not someone is spending too much time in front of a TV screen attached to a gaming console.

The World Health organization is sending out a health warning about a new mental illness. WHO is classifying the new mental disorder as “gaming disorder.”

If deemed severe, it can result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of life. The disorder is not characterized by gaming now and then, but, by lack of ability to control when one games, and giving priority to gaming to the detriment of other life interest and daily activities. Another tell tale sign would be continuing to game despite negative consequences.

American parents now have reason to pull their teens off gaming consoles --for their health.

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Your way of explaining all in this article is truly pleasant, every one can easily be

aware of it, Thanks a lot.


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