Mass Murderer Charles Manson Dead at 83

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Charles Manson

Scribe: N. Tru Bass


The man who predicted “Helter Skelter” is dead this morning at the age of 83.

Charles Manson born Charles Miles Maddox in 1934, predicted blackey would destroy all whites and take over the United States of America. He is a convicted mass murderer and former cult leader who led what became known as the Manson Family. 

According to the Department of Corrections for the State of California he died of natural causes. 

In 1969 he dubbed himself “the Devil” he then dispatched his “Family,” to commit a series of Hollywood murders shocking the world. 

Government officials are suggesting it should be the victims of Manson's manic rages that should be remembered and mourned on the occasion of his death. 

In 1971, he was convicted and sentenced to death for the deaths of seven people –two years later the sentenced was altered to life behind bars with the demise of the California death penalty. 

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Such and evil man, but may he rest in peace non the less.

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