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Legend: Emanuel Steward dies at 68

E. Stewart



Hall of Fame trainer Emanuel Steward, a genius in the ring and a goodwill ambassador for boxing outside of it, died Thursday at 68 in a Chicago hospital following a lengthy illness.

Steward’s executive assistant, Victoria Kirton, reported the trainer’s death at a Chicago hospital to the Associated Press on Thursday afternoon. Steward’s family has not identified a cause of death.

The personable Steward, 68, was one of his sport’s greatest resources of information, and served as an analyst on HBO’s most significant fights since 2001.

According to the boxing statistician company CompuBox, Steward trained 41 world champions, and his heavyweights accumulated a remarkable record of 34-2-1 in title fights.

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Texans Dominate The Ravens 43 - 13


After a lackluster game against the Vikings the Texans played Sunday like they had something to prove.  Arian foster rushed for two touchdowns and Matt Schaub tossed two touchdown passes defeating the Baltimore Ravens minus Ray Lewis 43 – 13. 

Johnathon Joseph returned a J.J. Watt deflection for 52 yards for a score. 

Joe Flacco threw 2 interceptions, sacked 4 times and was bothered by the Texans defense all day.  Terrell Suggs is back from an Achilles tendon surgery and is in good form, ending the day with a sack and three individual tackles for the Ravens.  

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WNBA Finals: The Battle Is On!


Lin Dunn head coach of the Indiana Fever is furious about her counterparts’ behavior in game two of the finals in Minnesota.  She accused the coach of the Lynx of a “Lack of Respect” for an outburst that seemed to motivate her team to victory. 

Dunn said she wasn’t amused by Coach Cheryl Reeve’s tantrum on Wednesday night.   Ignited by Reeve's technical foul and subsequent jacket toss, Minnesota turned up the intensity in the second half to pull away for an 83-71 win in Game 2 to even the series at a game apiece. Game 3 is in Indianapolis on Friday.

Dunn said she thought Reeve should have been ejected because the wildest part of the tantrum came after the technical.

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Lance Armstrong: Doping Head Honcho

By: N. Tru Bass!?  ⇒

Lance Armstrong steps down as head of the non-profit organization he founded, Livestrong cancer foundation.  Livestrong; a few years ago had everyone who was anyone wearing the memorable bright yellow armbands in support of cancer research. 

While Armstrong has maintained his innocence, the U.S. Doping Agency claims they have evidence that has meted out a picture of Armstrong as the Head Honcho of an international doping scheme.

Shortly after he released the reigns of Livestrong, Nike bailed on him releasing him from any further obligations; releasing this statement:

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The Cheese Heads Blow Out The Texans


With a final score of 42 to 24 The Green bay packers packed on the heat.  Intimidating the Texans in their own house. 

Aaron Rodgers threw for four touchdowns, three to Jordy Nelson , and the Green Bay Packers led the Houston Texans 28-17 after three quarters on Sunday night.

Rodgers connected with Nelson for a third touchdown on a 1-yard throw in the third quarter to push the lead to 28-10. The Texans had two costly penalties on that drive that kept the Packers on the field. The first one came when Connor Barwin was penalized for leaping over the line on a field goal attempt.

An unnecessary roughness penalty on Danieal Manning on third down later in the drive gave Green Bay a first down at the Houston 2 and Nelson scored two plays later.

Houston capped a 65-yard drive with a 1-yard touchdown by Arian Foster - his second score of the game - to cut the lead 28-17 with less than a minute left in the third quarter.

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Skydiver Lands Safely After Landing from Near Outer Space Jump

Sykdiver Felix Baumgartner found his way from near outer space back to earth in a little more than five minutes on Sunday Morning.   Safely back to earth he fell to his knees and put up both fists in celebration. 

Baumgartner left the capsule attached to a huge helium balloon at 128,100 feet -- 24 miles up -- higher than anyone before him.

His estimated speed on the way down was 839.9MPH exceeding the sound barrier by nearly 70 mph. 

With temperatures dipping near -70 degrees Fahrenheit, Baumgartner was protected by his space suit on the way down and a small capsule being lifted by a balloon on the way up.    

Baumgartner ascended steadily in a capsule hanging from a helium balloon. Then he opened the hatch, climbed out, jumped off the step with a bunny hop, and formed a crouched "delta" position to maximize his acceleration.

The plan: to fall most of the way in less than five minutes, then deploy a parachute for the final 5,000 feet to earth.

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Rockets Victorious In First Preseason Game

Lin Fans

By:  N. Tru Bass !?♦

Jeremy Lin the Rockets franchise player finished with three points hitting 1 of 3 field goals.   He picked up 6 assists and three steals in around twenty minutes of playtime.  Royce White, Rockets first round pick was left behind to work on conditioning.   Sidebar:  White is a good player without question, but affected from mental anxieties issues,suffering with among other things a fear of flying.   All of Houston is waiting to see if he can fly.

Terrence Jones stepped up to the basket and scored 20 points to lead the Rockets to an early season victory against one of the strongest teams in the league. 

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant scored a combined 30 points on Wednesday night at State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, TX. 

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Texans Defeat Jets 23-17: season Record 5 -0



It featured the usual suspects, Arian foster with 152 yards rushing and a touchdown.  The jets were accused of quitting in the final quarter of a last week’s loss vs. San Fransicisco, and were determined to not be accused of giving up this week. 

Joe McKnight with an impressive full field kickoff return attempted to change the momentum of the game, upgrading the score to 20-14 in the fourth.

The jets were underdogs going into this game a, but showed a brave face against the Texans.  Late in the fourth the jets had a chance to take the lead and Mark Sanchez showed poise under pressure.    The threat released when Sanchez was intercepted by Kareem Jackson on a pass that tipped of the hands of Jeff Cumberland with less than 2 minutes to play. 

Tim Tebow a crowd favorite was a factor in fleeting moments throughout the game, including a run for a first down on a fake punt.  

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Walker Opens Up About Being Broke on 30 for 30

NBA star Antoine Walker blew through the $110million he earned in a successful basketball career so quickly that he was forced to file for bankruptcy just two years after he retired. 

Walker, who was forced to come out of retirement and play in the obscure development league, says bad real estate deals, gambling debts and 14 years of living the high life have left him all but broke today.


It is a far cry from his glory days in the NBA, where he was named to the all-star team three times and won a championship in 2006.

Walker's story is just one of several highlighted in a new ESPN documentary 'Broke,' which tracks to financial failure of professional athletes who once raked in millions as professional sports stars.

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We Were Pawns Claimed NFL Replacement Refs


As the real referees are welcomed back to the NFL with open arms, one of the dismissed replacements has admitted that they may not have been ready for the job.

Jerry Frump, a banker from Chicago who has worked in college football for three decades, was one of the most experienced of the replacements.

But during an interview published on Friday, Mr Frump questioned the experience of his colleagues as they jumped up from various levels of college football.


When asked by Time magazine if his crew was ready to be officiating at NFL games, Frump said: 'No, I don't think you could say that.'

As for moments like the hotly disputed call that had one referee calling touchdown and another calling interception last Monday night, Mr Frump said the NFL was getting what it paid for.



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