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Katy Perry's Bright Blue Support Dress


Music's big names appeared at different locations last week all in support of President Barack Obama's campaign for 2012. Artists Katy Perry, Dave Matthews and John Mellencamp delivered their performances at free shows in different cities where thousands of people attended the rally.

Perry, who wore a campaign-inspired bright blue minidress with Obama's slogan "Forward", attended the rally Saturday night, November 3 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The event attracted more than 20, 000 supporters who watched Perry perform her version of Al Green's soul hit "Let's Stay Together" along with "Part of Me", "Teenage Dream" and "Wide Awake". Perry also did not forget to encourage people to help Superstorm Sandy victims as she paused midway through her performance and urged fans to donate in various relief efforts.

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Billy Dees Dead at 73


Singer-composer Bill Dees, best known for his songwriting collaboration with Roy Orbison on the hits "Oh, Pretty Woman" and "It's Over," has died at age 73 in Mountain Home, Arkansas, according to an obituary posted online by a local funeral home.

Dees, a Texas native who got his start in the 1950s with a high school band called the Five Bops, is credited with writing scores of songs in all, some recorded by such performers as Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and Glen Campbell.

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Taylor swift: Red


Once again, Taylor Swift has given her fans material for their Facebook statuses. Swift is back with her fourth album, “Red,” which was released Oct. 22.

The album consists of 16 songs that will trap listeners in a funnel of emotions, like a mobile spinning in a teenager’s room, with its poppy beats and angsty lyrics.

Swift, known predominately as a country singer, shows her versatility across different genres. With her single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Swift shows she is more than just a country singer. This song is pure pop.

“I Knew You Were Trouble” is a shocking departure from Swift’s usual songs, not because of the lyrics, but the dub-step-influenced beat that accompanies the chorus.

The song “Red” that the album is named after obviously means a lot to Swift.

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Lil Wayne Health Scare


Rap phenomenon Lil Wayne has had two emergency landings and two health scares in the last two days.  The Young Money Entertainment founder was reportedly suffering from seizure symptoms, convulsing forcing the flight into an emergency landing. 

Weezy was on board a flight from Texas to Los Angeles at the time of the second spell – after trying to resume his trip to the West Coast that was cut short a day earlier.

Just a day earlier, Lil Wayne had been rushed to a Texas hospital after suffering a collapse on a private jet that also had forced an emergency landing.

A representative for Lil Wayne denied the incident was caused by a seizure saying it was a bout of dehydration. 

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Angel Haze: Mix Tape

Angel Haze


Ten years ago, Eminem released "Cleanin' Out My Closet," a deeply introspective track off "The Eminem Show." In the song, the rapper recounts his troubled childhood and damns his "f----t father" and "selfish b---h" of a mother for the ills they brought upon him.

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Two Eleven Is A Bona Fide Hit

It’s not often you listen to an album and walk away impressed with more than just one cut on the CD.  This is the best Brandy album ever!
The singer, who released her new album Two Eleven this week, credited the late Whitney Houston with helping her believe in herself again.
"There were times when I tried to come back and it didn't work. Then I started to feel like, maybe this is not my purpose, maybe this is not what I'm supposed to do, because it's not happening to me," Brandy told CNN.
"People are calling me a has-been, people are calling me washed-up and all these things. That starts to affect you mentally a little bit because you're like, 'Am I? Do I still have it?'
"Clearly there was another plan in place, and I was able to connect with that destiny plan that is within us all and make a different choice, to believe in myself so I can do what I got to do to have a relationship with the people that love my music."

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Tuesday: RZA of The Famed Wu Tang Clan Will Be At Warehouse Live

RZA is an American Grammy-Winning music producer, author and emcee, he will be at Warehouse live Tuesday Night. 

A prominent figure in hip hop, Rza is the de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan.[1] He has produced almost all of Wu-Tang Clan's albums as well as many Wu-Tang solo and affiliate projects. He has also released solo albums under the alter-ego Bobby Digital, along with executive producing credits for side projects. In addition to the Wu-Tang Clan and his solo releases, Rza was also a founding member of the horrorcore Hip Hop group Gravediggaz where he used the name The Rzarector. Furthermore, he has acted in several movies, including Coffee and Cigarettes, American Gangster, Gospel Hill, Life Is Hot in Cracktown, Ghost Dog, Funny People, Derailed, Due Date and Repo Men. He also appears in the Showtime TV series Californication. His directorial debut is for the film he wrote The Man with the Iron Fists.

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Labrinth Uk tour starting next week

British triple threat, singer, songwriter and producer Labrinth returns with new single Beneath Your Beautiful, released through Syco Records on 18th November 2012. 

Impressively, this is his fifth single from debut album Electronic Earth, which went straight to #2 in April this year. He has since sold nearly 2 million records.

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Houston Native Beyoncé Performs with Husband Jay-Z at the New Barclays Center


By: Samuel Otis ♦

Jay-Z officially consecrated New York’s newest arena with 8 consecutive days of concerts.    He didn’t arrive in Brooklyn in a limo, he took the subway.  The Bed-Stuy-born rap star surprised public commuters when he decided to hit the Canal Street station to board the R train. 

According to the NY daily news, it created a scene right out of the pied piper books; hosting a loud pack admirers.  On the way Jay was surrounded by impromptu photogs and created a buzz as he approached the long line of concert ticket holders as he crossed the street to the Barclay’s center. 

Once on stage he was joined by Houston native, his wife Beyonce Knowles Carter to perform their 2003 hit “Crazy in Love” about midway the show and “Forever Young” later Saturday night.


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Lil Wayne Breaks Elvis's Record For Hot 100 Hits

Lil Wayne is breaking records at least at billboard. He recently broke Elvis Presley’s record for the most Billboard Hot 100 hits. The rapper breaks the record with 109 Hot 100 Billboard hits including his many collaborations. According to Billboard only the cast of “Glee” have more Hot 100 hits with 204.

Wayne has bested Elvis’s 45 years and two months in just 13 years. Presley held the record with 108 Hot 100 hits.

While making approximately two-thirds of his Hot 100 visits in featured roles, Lil Wayne has still enjoyed laudable Hot 100 accolades.
While Billboard swings with both hand to protect the Presley’s accomplishments, this information forces one to wonder what’s next for the implausible rock star.


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