Local Jewish Community Swings back Against BDS

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Scribe:  N. Tru Bass

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The local Jewish community is under fire from the BDS (Boycotts Divestment Sanctions).  BDS uses financial leverage to support their position in the conflict between Israeli and Palestine.  

Op-Eds and College campus events are being used to push their agenda and the local Jewish community is responding in kind.  The Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council(JCRC) of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, Eliraz Shifman-Berman recently said, “The Jewish community in Greater New Haven has also been a target of some BDS actions - Specifically hostile op-eds in the local newspapers.”

According to the Shalom New Haven, “For years, college campuses have been hotbeds of anti-Israel activity, and the environment for Jewish students seems to be getting worse.  Anti-Israel organizations maintain a heavy presence and their attacks are growing in sophistication with increasing support form professional groups.  

In response JCRC’s co-chairman Arthur Levy is answering this attack with op-eds of his own that he says, offers a more objective look at history and its implications on current life in Israel.  

In collaboration witht he Israel Action Network the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven and it own JCRC work is countering by educating professionals to counter BDS.  For more information details can be found at jewishnewhaven.org

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