Apps Stealing information despite User Denial

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Apps thirst for data

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



A privacy concern often mentioned in casual conversation has been confirmed.  More than 100 Android apps are sidestepping your request to deny permission to access your private data.  

Researchers from the International Computer Science Institute says, apps were continuing to gather information from devices after people denied them access.  The research discovered that apps have mischievously gleaned location information as well as friends and other personal data on millions around the world.  

Google and Apple have voiced they will release new features to improve privacy control.   In the big scheme of things the study looked at more than 88,000 apps from the Google Play Store and only 1,325 broke the rules.  Shutterfly a popular image editing app is gathering GPS coordinates from photos and jetting the data to their servers, even after user declined permission.  

According to a report a spokeswoman promised the company would only gather location data with explicit permission.  


Remember reader, whether you are on a mobile phone or desktop computer, if you are connected to the internet assume someone is watching.  

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