Roman Catholic Church calls for Global Meeting on Sex Abuse Crisis

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Pope Francis

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



Leaders in the Catholic Church has been summoned by Pope Francis to discuss, sexual abuse in the Church.   The coming together is intended to push sexual abuse back out into the center of the table.   Tony Stith of Chicago pointed out abuse of the Catholic Church in collaboration with the State of Illinois in early 2000.  The nut cracked open fully in 2002, under Pope John Paul Benedict when hundreds of cases were shelved.  Benedict is now retired – as pope he disciplined hundreds of priests for sexual misconduct. 

The confluence is scheduled for 21 February through 24 according to the Vatican.  In a statement, the Pontiff admits to “amply reflected,” on the issue.  This marks the first time since 2000, that church leaders across the world will gather to discuss the sex abuse crisis. 

The church has increasing come under fire for clerically controlling abuse allegations and cover-ups.  The meeting will be held in Rome at the Vatican. 

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