North Korea concerned about WWIII

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North Korea

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



The US siting president may be slick in business, but he is having a more difficult time duping the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un.  In a recent talk with Russia, he said he has no plans to denuclearize.   He openly discussed believing the US is “plotting war with a smile.”    He instead said he was waiting for the West to respond to steps he has already taken. 

Valentina Matvienko, the Kremlin’s speaker of the upper house of Russian’s parliament said he met with the North Korean leader on Saturday.   She reported that she wanted Russian backing in sanctions on North Korea while concerning himself with the possibility of World War III.

The US claims to have struck an agreement with the North to denuclearize earlier this year according to the White House, but this seems to run contrary to what Kim is saying.  

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