Chuck Schumer Pushes League Betting

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Scribe:  N. Tru  Bass



Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is the most recent member of Congress to kick suggestions for a federal framework for sports betting Wednesday in a memo release by a sports channel.

He suggested books only use official league data to determine outcomes and that the sports leagues themselves should be involved in determining what bets would be accepted.  He also suggest a bump up in monitoring.   While the veteran lawmaker is not against under 21 betting, he is making sure the youngsters are not targeted.    The leagues would have an economic boon, with the additional revenue from the data required by books. 

Delaware, Mississippi, and New Jersey have taken bets since the Murphy v. NCAA et al. decision which in May overturned the federal ban on state sponsored sports betting as a result of the professional and amateur sports act. 

The American Gaming Association issued a statement saying, "The casino gaming industry shares Senator Schumer's goal in preserving the integrity of sporting events and providing consumer protections. Federal oversight of sports betting was an abject failure for 26 years only contributing to a thriving illegal market with no consumer protections and safeguards. New federal mandates are a nonstarter.

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