China prepares to produce Electromagnetic Rockets with Superior Accuracy and Speed

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Electromagnetic Rockets

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



China has developed and announced the world’s first electromagnetic surface to surface rocket that offers superior firing range and could give its military and advantage in high altitude regions around the globe.

The systems details include a precise range and deployment schedule but other details remain unclear.  

The power generated from an electromagnetic rockets differ from conventional rockets rely on explosive powder for the initial push. The new rockets will be launched using electromagnetic force, akin to a catapult launch.  Both the US and China are developing for their next generation ballistics. 

Like an electric car, accelerates aggressively.  If you ever piloted an electric remote car of toy electric car the acceleration is extreme.   The rockets have a high initial speed on its launching stage. 

Reports suggest observers believe that China’s next domestically built aircraft carrier is likely to be equipped with the quasi catapult launchers.  

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