New Haven County Citizen suffer double digit Overdoses - Emergency workers Overwhelmed

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New Haven Green

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass

Citizens of New Haven County are facing a serious threat as nearly 100 people have been treated on the Green in the center of the City of New Haven.  Authorities believe a bad batch of K-2, a form of synthetic Marijuana has sickened 76 people bad enough to have to be transported to emergencies services and many others who recovered without the help of first responders.  

On an exceptionally hot day three arrests have been made after park goers who were sickened by the K-2 suffered from High Blood pressure, faint or shallow breathing, semi-consciousness, vomiting, hallucinating and full out unconsciousness.  
New Haven Fire Chief John Alston Jr. stated emergency crews were overwhelmed with 911 calls about people experiencing overdose symptoms around 8 am.  
Victim were given doses of naloxone, an antidote for narcotic overdoses for Fentanyl and other Opiod  based drugs.  

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