N. Tru Bass: Ignored Sins of a Father

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Ignored Sins of a Father

We are all a sum of our decisions.  The United States of America is no exception.   The simple ones have adopted a mantra, Make America great Again, and has sold millions of hats bolstering an empire in a way the architect himself believed was impossible.  

I am disturbed, as I travel around the country and I don’t see the concern for the wellbeing of African Americans that should be present in a country built by Black folk both physically and financially.   Black people have been trained to believe there is nothing here for them.  They have been taught to believe they must suffer now to enjoy freedom and happiness in the hereafter.   I’m not here to be divisive, but here to speak truth to a population of proletariats who contribute everyday but remain in the same place generation after generation.  I am a person, a proud Black person and I enjoy being black and I’m very proud of being black and its high time that I speak truth to the people.  

And the truth is you have been locked into a caste system in which it’s difficult to climb free from.  It is true that Black people can run faster and jump higher, but they are not fairly compensated causing a zero sum situation in a free market society and it’s unfair.   

Black labor, White Wealth is a book penned by the great orator and author Claude Anderson of the Harvest Institute he talked about Blacks being forced into a permanent underclass before the year 2020.  After all the blood, sweat and tears African Americans have contributed in this country, Black families own just 10 percent of the wealth boasted by the Average white family.    Black folk are constantly being asked to forget about the past and move forward.  However, no other ethnic group is being asked to forget about their history.  Jewish people are not being asked to forget about Adolph Hitler and the Holocaust.  Native Americans are not being asked to forget about the trail of tears, and Japanese are not being asked to forget about the American bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Black people have been historically controlled by resource starvation.  Resource starvation is just as devastating as the Irish hunger at the beginning of the 19th century.  Black people have been relegated to being a permanent working underclass. 

In 1619, in Jamestown, Virginia the first African’s came into this country managed by whites.  Understand, African sailors had circumnavigated the globe thousands of years before Europeans figured out how to sail.  As evidenced by Native Americans being called Indians, due to the sailors believing they were in the country of India.  And as evidenced by the Olmec heads, but that’s a conversation for another time, and we will get to it. 

In 1619, managed Africans landed in North America as indentured servants, in seven years they were free to live as they pleased, but that all changed in 1638, when slavery for life was instituted due to whites not being interested in working and living an agrarian lifestyle.    A lifestyle they tried in Europe unsuccessfully.   The attempt culminated with animals living inside the house with the family.    Like I said unsuccessfully.    It was decided in Maryland that African Americans would never be citizens in this place, nor would they ever enjoy the full benefits of white society despite being the American golden goose. 

Power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely. 

Col. Edward Mandel House, I realize his is not Familiar name but, I’ll bring those of you that are not familiar with the name up to speed.  The military intelligence division or  the MID, was put in place in 1919 with the understanding that White America has treated blacks so unfairly, that blacks could not possibly be trusted, this belief was assumed by the Woodrow Wilson Administration.  Despite Black folk fighting in every single major and minor war this country has ever had.  This understanding reared its ugly head in the 1960’s yet again under the banner of COINTELPRO a mandate of the FBI.  Under this program black people were assassinated and organizations were disrupted by the USA.  Fred Hampton, Sr. and Mark Clark fell victim to this corruption on Chicago’s south side.  The two men were Black Panther party members who famously initiated the youth breakfast program. 

Joel Spingarn of the NAACP was a willing participant to keep a close eye on the Black community. 

The US is often pointing fingers at other country’s human rights violations and we as a country are in no position to point fingers.    People this is not the shiny city on the hill.  And yes there is a conspiracy, the conspiracy is not limited to black people, women, Spanish speaking people or homosexuals.  It’s against those who do not have as many resources as the ruling elite.  In war it’s not about the resources that you bring into the theater, it’s about using the enemy’s resources against him.    We have all fallen victim to this conspiracy, black Americans, women, and the LGBT community.    

Yes, black people are disproportionately targeted and always have been, but it’s not about that.   Black folk and white folk are more alike than different, yes there are black devils and white devils but here is the best way to look at it.  Most of us are average, both black and white, with a few geniuses and a liberal sprinkling of fools.   And that is true in every hue. 

When you walk away from this life, you will not take with you your degree or your whip nor will a Brinks truck follow the hearse to the cememtary.  But, you will take your history of behavior and the decisions that you have made while in this place.   Will you rest easy on your death bed or will you toss and turn with every nightmarish vision of your actions. 

In society wrong action metastasizes.    When an unarmed member of the marginalized community is shot down by the police it doesn’t stop there.  Just like a cancer in the body, the cancerous cells move on to the next organ until the body dies. 

The so called founding fathers understood that too much power in the hands of too few is a problem for the rest of us. 

What you see happening with the proletariat whites and poor whites is equivalent to the chess game, when you approach the end game and the countdown begins the enemy begins to dump pieces and make desperate moves.  He knows the end is nigh. 

And for all of your who look I the mirror and don’t like what you see, just keep looking and after you get used to the pain everything soothes out.   It will be ok, don’t worry.    Spend your money with people who look like you and stop supporting racism by spending money with people who don’t appreciate you.   Don’t be a label you it’s bad for you. 

From the land of the sleeping giant, I’m Tru Bass with Its True.

“It’s True,” is an audio/video commentary program produced by N. Tru Bass.  Bass in Nationally known for the African American History Minute Tour, that visited more than 50 cities interviewing people of color who were said to be the best in their chosen fields.  The content was disseminated via, TV, Radio and Internet.    

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