Lady in the Bag: Big Wars and Little Wars

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Lady in the Bag



Clearly, I TRULY BELIEVE THAT we needed to enter World Wars I and II; we were pushed into providing soldiers, ships, and engines of WAR . However, we were also involved in smaller wars that lasted years (Korea, Vietnam, twice in Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, even Grenada to mention a few.)  Did we really need to enter these small wars?  NO! NO! NO! 

We continue to allow old men to send young men and women into battle  “in kill or be killed environments”  in  foreign lands;  the old men, who instigated war drums and our entrance into the small wars, continued to  disgorge and platitudinize  reasons why we must go to war and stay the course.  Yes! Yes! I know. I know we are at war for: honor, duty, freedom, loyalty, and the American way of life; all the while, we pay for war with the lives of our brave soldiers who become injured or die. In this undeniably burgeoning war economy, the gap between rich and poor, in America, widens and jobs grow scarcer and are shipped overseas;  while education continues to quaver.  I know that this “kill or be killed” war posture comes down to one thing and only one thing: Greed. Drop the microphone!! Yes!!  It’s all about greed. In the end, war is meaningless to everyone (parents who lose their children, children who lose their parent, husbands, wives and partners lose their mates); the injured never fully recover because they have suffered post-war psychological disorders;  so the only winners in war are those who make money from the bloodshed (the bloodsuckers).

So, we, the anti-war demonstrators and pacifists, oftentimes seek solace in prayer, as an answer to the unknown;  prayer merely assuages our feelings of guilt  (if even  that) for not actively participating or  failing to stop the wars. We know that religion is a means of social control. Yes! As Karl Marx said that Religion is the opium of people, and provides the ultimate means of control;  I have a bleak view of the world of war.  And as for G-d, well, I cannot reconcile the notion that a kind, loving, and benevolent God would allow evil, cruelty, and disease to flourish so fundamentally in a world that He created.

I am an agnostic. In other words, I am commitment phobic and simply have no understanding of what is the right path for us (all of humanity), to war or not to war.  I do not claim that I understand what is on the other side of the mountain and  I chose not to examine the issue of war too closely;  I can’t  help but wonder whether my lack of faith is a contributing factor to why we are the frequently at war.  Yes! Boys will be boys and old men shall continue to send their brightest and smartest Americans into battle, with the stroke of a pen. 

King Bonespur Trump never went to war despite being called to service multiple times, via the draft, since he was deemed 4 F (failed to pass medical examination due to bonespurs) unless you count his wars waged against old, infirm and handicapped  tenants in order  to evict them from their apartments, and enable conversion into condos.  Of note is that fact that King Bonespur Trump is allegedly the healthiest president in the world. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BONESPURS??? They healed. HEE! HEE! HAHA!

Please visit our BABY TRUMP and add your comments to the aura surrounding BABY  KING  BONESPUR TRUMP..

By the Lady in the Bag.

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