University Basketball Head coach forced to prove mothering her Biracial Son

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Scribe: N. Tru Bass



A well known college basketball coach was recently asked by Southwest Airline to prove that her 1-year-old son was hers.

Head coach Lindsay Gottlieb runs the show at the University of California Berkeley and was on a flight to Oakland from Denver when Southwest asked her to show the child's birth certificate. She explained that she did not have the official document but offered his passport which was a problem due to the child's last name being different.

The airline then asked the young mother, “She said, well, how do I know that you’re the mother?” Gottlieb is considered white and Jordan’s father is called black.

Still not satisfied the employee at the gate requested to see Gottlieb’s social media page to prove that she indeed was the boys mother. Another mother on the same flight cited that she had never been asked to prove that her child was her child despite having different last names.

The coach hit social media expressing her frustration saying after flying more than 50 times with her sone on this day the ticket counter person asked her to prove that her infant was her son.

Southwest responded with a weak apology, “Southwest Airlines’ policy is to verify lap children are younger than the age of two by reviewing a birth certificate or government-issued identification,” the statement said. “Certain international locations require us to verify additional paperwork for those traveling with a minor. Domestic travel does not require carriers to match last names of a child and guardian.”

I suppose we are going to have to begin to name incidents like these, lets call it the Trump affect.


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