Television Preacher splurges on plane while supporters Complain via Social Media

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Scribe: Samuel Otis



US televangelist is under fire for his recent purchase of a $54 million jet.

Jesse Duplantis a long time preacher and well known TV personality created a firestorm when he hit social media with news about his hesitancy to purchase the new machine. Social media users responded with allegations of “false prophets” among other charges. The general consensus being the monies used for the preachers travel could have been better spent on the needs of the poor.

The 68-year-old defended his position and created a video using three other planes that are also apart of his personal fleet.

This is not Duplantis’ first time being called on questionable acts. While performing with another evangelist friend Kenneth Copeland, Duplantis agreed with Copeland that when traveling on commercial airlines its like being, "in a long tube with a bunch of demons".

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