Former Soccer Star Ronaldinho marries Two Lovers

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Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Retired south American football star Ronaldinho has announced his numtuials in August to his loving fiances.

Also known as Ronaldinho Gaucho and his birth name Ronaldo de Assis Moreira promised his true loves a happy ever after story and he steps towards fulfillment with his recent announcement. The unusual twist to the news is it included both his girlfriends.

Beatriz Souza and Priscilla Coelho both are preparing for a wedding as brides. Coelho began dating the former soccer standout back in 2013 three years later he began dating Souza, he asked them both to be his fiance back in January and the August wedding has been planned and announced.

According to reports the trio have been living happily in Ronaldinho’s mansion in Rio de Janeiro since late last year. The wedding will be at the Brazilian home of the wife-husband-wife team and will only be open to close family and friends. All family members are expected to be there except the former soccer star’s sister who is openly against her brothers lifestyle.

While bigamy and polygamy are illegal in Brazil it does have a precedence for a three person civil union established in 2012 between two women and a man and a later one established between three women who are jointly raising a child together.

Is this type of civil arrangement a glimpse of the future?

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