North Korea Pushes against Western Control

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North Korea pushes Against Wester Control

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



North Korea’s love affair with Washington is in jeopardy. Pyongyang announced if talks with the United States would force them to forgo their nuclear ambitions , they are no longer interested in in meeting with the western dictator.

Last night also canceled its high level talks with South Korea scheduled for Wednesday at the DMZ. The call off was due to ongoing military exercises between South Korea and the United States. In what appears to be a decision made by North Korean leader Kim Jung Un’s discovery of the sitting president of the United States duplicitous ways.

The decisions was announced via a written statement on Wednesday that also threatened to call of the June 12 summit between the two kindred leaders.

The two Korea’s have enjoyed a positive reconciliation relationship and view the US-S.Korea Air Force drills as a “bid to take a pre-emptive strike” against North Korea. The North assessment is that the United States is taking an antagonistic stance in what would be the healing of an old wound. 

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