N. Tru Bass: Are the American People being Pimped by the White House?

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Trump and the Energy Industry

Scribe: N. Tru Bsas

Email: ntbl@thethinkering.com


The damage done by the current administration began on day one. It began with an erosion of the Obama era environmental policies with nearly a complete roll back of global warming initiatives.

On 20 January, 2017, the National Park Service, posts a photo on social media comparing Trump’s crowd with the much larger crowds at Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration. Dumb Donald true to form attacked the service and launched the racist white “resistance” movement of social media accounts that claim to be run by US government officials.

That was not the initial servo, the initial push came on 10 December 2016 when Eric Holthaus asked for suggestions of important databases that should be backed up due to Trump’s support fot the US fossil fuels industry.

If you notice, the gas prices the industry wished for that was held at a high but functional rate under two dollars is on the rise. Not because the industry were able to convince King Abdullah to slow the rate of oil acquisition in order to raise prices in western countries.

Saudi Arabia possesses one fifth roughly 16% of the worlds oil reserves and has muscle in the way of controlling OPEC. He was asked by energy leaders to limit the amount of oil he was producing and he refused. Upon his death his successor was again believed to likely make the change to throttle the amount of oil coming out of Saudi, and after consideration he too refused to limit oil production thus maintaining a lower gas price at the pumps here in the states.

After years of pushing the House of Saudi decided to limit production, and US Crude stocks rose as expected. However, when you read the news it appears to have been the Saudi’s idea and I insist that it was not. The rise in oil prices is contrived and created by the energy industry itself. The same oil companies that you liberally purchase your oil from orchestrated and is carrying out this plan to raise prices at the pump. I don’t need to tell you the Iran sanctions are all about the energy sector. And what I mean is the sanctions are meant to slow the flow of oil into the US forcing gas prices north. Thank you dumb Donald, I just want you to know that I see you.

Morgan Stanley sent out a letter to investors this week saying, “A rising oil price brings upside price risk to all commodities.” That is likely the sentiment of all investment banks. Despite a remaining amply supply of oil surplus and the Texas oil boys are claiming a bottleneck in both Texas and Canada, oil stores are overflowing which is keeping gas prices in the high $2 range.

Experts predicted prices for the summer of 2018 would be around $2.70, a mark that has been surpassed already in this cat and mouse game of oil prices. It’s time the tail wag the dog, and that happens when the people only drive when they have to and then you control the prices per gallon at the pump. Tell the oil pimps to find another hoe!

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