Cornell Student strips during Thesis

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Cornell Student Strips

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



An Ivy League student took her cloths off to protest against the professor suggesting her shorts were too short. In Ithaca, NY, Letitia Chai, pulled social media into a fight with her war against a teacher questioning her choice of clothing.

She not only removed her own clothing but instructed other students to do the same saying, “Strip, everybody!” the 18-year old said as her fellow students began to slowly disrobe. Letitia is a juior in the College of Arts and Sciences and is most interested in cultural property law.

She said as she took off her clothes, “I am more than a woman, I am more than Asian, I am more than Letitia Chai, I am a human being!” More than half the people in the room removed their clothes in solidarity.

After being admittedly “Shook” by the professors comments the Cornell student shook back. 

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