Nurse infects at least Two patients Arrested

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Cora Weberg

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne



A Washington State nurse has been charged and arrested with knowingly spreading Hepatitis to at least two of her patients.

Cora Weberg, 31, is facing second-degree assault charges as prosecutors claim she took injectable drugs from her employer Puyallup’s Good Samaritan Hospital where she intentionally spread the disease according to officials.

A through investigation that included local, state and private officials unveiled that Weberg was removing higher than normal amounts of narcotics from the hospitals dispensing system and admitted to diverting medications intended for patients. The Hospital sent out a safety alerts last week after uncovering the low class act.

Weberg was arrested at the Canadian border as she planned to leave the country heading to Guam with her boyfriend. Authorities said due to her scheduled departure the investigation was not yet completed at the time of the arrest.

Hepatitis C is a disease that affects the liver and is generally transferred from person to person through an infected persons blood. 

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