Whites attack African American Army Officers in Macon, Georgia

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Captain Stephanie Mitchell

Scribe: Lucy Osburne

Email: lucy@thethinkeirng.com


Macon, GA. --An elderly middle Georgia woman and her adult son attacked two African American female members of the military after they accused them of not knowing how to park at a Macon area restaurant. In a daring twist of events the 71 year old white woman was arrested after several personally shot videos emerged showing her as clearly being the aggressor.

Video showed Tucker’s adult son using obscene language towards both Stephanie Mitchell and Treasure Sharpe screaming, “learn how to park.” The incident happened outside a Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen restaurant on Saturday. The abuse continued as Sharpe informs her attackers that she is pregnant old lady Tucker shouted, "Oh really, by her?"

The two woman appeared to be Army Officers, with captain bars on the chest of one the woman who attempted to deescalate the confrontation. 

What we found interesting is most legacy media accounts took spent time saying there was no evidence that the two service women did any wrong suggesting more time was spent attempting to prove the women of color were being investigated for wrong doing. When nothing could be proved then finally the woman was arrested after kicking up sand about being wronged by the active military personnel.

Civilian’s rushed to the rescue of the women after seeing the two aggressors attacking the pregnant woman while she attempted to take a picture of Tucker and her abusive son.   

The legacy media never once referred to the women as Army officers, only service members.  

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