Father marries daughter has Child Kills Both

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Steven pall

Scribe: Samuel Otis

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Connecticut, New York, New Jersey – It has been a somber weekend for one family after hope and happiness was expected. An adopted woman was reunited with her birth father an event that shockingly turned tragic.

August 2016 Katie Fusco moved in with her birth father and mother in a story that was expected to be happily ever after but suddenly turned to ever after.

Eight months after her birth the little girl known as Katie was adopted by Tony and his wife Kelly Fusco and was raised along with their biological daughter in upstate New York in the small town of Dover. Katie was an artist and had plans to become a media specialist in the area of digital advertising.

That was not meant to be. When she turned 18 Katie like many adopted persons sought her birth parents. She sought to reunited with them and Steven and Alyssa Pladl jumped at the chance.

In a recent interview Katie’s birth mother Alyssa said, “It was so hard to give her up,” Alyssa said, “but I had to because I wanted her to live and be happy.”

After becoming reacquainted with her birth father she married him she later gave birth to his child. Shortly after she decided to break up with her father and baby’s daddy and of course her husband.

When Stephan learned that his new wife and daughter wanted to end their marriage he killed his grand daughter, and his formerly adopted daughter he killed them both. He then turned the gun on himself.

His daughter/wife and daughter/granddaughter were both buried this weekend. 

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