29 White Male accused of Killing Four at Overnight Eatery

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Waffle House Terrorist

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


Another day, another shooting –this time at a Tennessee Waffle House restaurant, as four peope lie dead in its wake. The four people killed have been identified as De Ebony Groves, 21, Akiliah Dasilva, 23, Joe Perez, 20 and Taurean Sanderlin,29.

A manhunt continues as authorities continue to search for the man responsible for gunning down and killing the four people.

Travis Reinking, 29, of Morton, Illinois, was naked with the exception of a green jacket when he entered the popular eatery around 3:30 am on Sunday morning just outside Nashville. The alleged killer has not yet been apprehended and a reward of $2,500 has been offered.

According to reports witnesses say the shooter sat in her truck for a few minutes before getting out with his assault style rifle and opened fire killing to pedestrians before entering the restaurant and killing one more. The fourth victim died later at the hospital, while others were wounded sustained minor injuries from broken glass shards and debris.

The man was later seen walking to an apartment complex nearby where he was seen leaving wearing only black pants. He could have possible using his nakedness as a ploy to not easily be identified by what he was wearing.

Sunday’s shooting will not be considered a terrorist act by American authorities due to the shooter being a white male. The Thinkering will keep you updated on the ongoing details of this crime. 

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