Two Black men Treated black during Starbuck experience

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Two Black Men in Philadelphia

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



A manager at a Starbucks store in Philadelphia initiated what is being considered an unreasonable arrest of two black men . The CEO of the traditionally liberal company says that he would like to meet with the two men in an effort to seek resolution. The Philadelphia police department said that their officers did what they were supposed to do.

A white female bystander recorded video tape that suggest the officers engaged in bully tactics and that the aggression was certainly racially motivated.

The incident jumped off when one of the two men asked to use the bathroom but had not made a purchase. The store manager then asked the two men to leave after they had not made a purchase before asking to go to the bathroom.

Kevin Johnson, Chief Executive of Starbucks flew to Philadelphia on Monday to meet with the two men, whom he said, was involved in a “reprehensible” incident. The CEO also plans to meet with Mayor Jim Kenney and Police Commissioner Richard Ross according to a company spokesperson.

A police representative said the officers did nothing wrong despite the video footage. 

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