Mark Zuckerberg's Company is a Data gathering force

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Scribe: N. Tru Bass



“Markey” Mark Zuckerberg will not relinquish how much Facebook gathers and distributes information. After much preparation, he struggled and attempted to downplay the social media platforms abilities.

During two days of Senate hearings Zuckerberg did not want to explain how the business operates. Many believe the business is set on an advertising model, however, governments around the world benefit from information gleaned from it users and shared with officials. Most intelligence organizations are exempt from transparency, forcing the congress to ask directly about designated information.

The young CEO was having non of it, ducking many questions about the model and what part advertising plays in it. The discussion of information about non Facebook users hit the fore, it also landed on sensitive ears.

It is common knowledge that, Facebook is privy to call logs, physical locations, different devices as well as data about individual app usage. All information that the platform tracks. He refused to shirnk when saying that he could not answer questions from Senators including Roy Blunt who asked if Zuckerberg’s company tracked offline data. 

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I rekcon you are quite dead on with that.

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