Israeli Troops fire on unarmed Palestinian's

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Israeli Snipers

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Israel’s esteemed military has defended its handling of skirmishes in Gaza that left 16 Palestinians dead and nearly 2,000 wounded in live round fire last week.

Military snipers are seen in video footage shooting young unarmed Palestinians in cold blood. On the other side of the line the victims are calling for “revenge” as they continue to bury their dead after one of the bloodiest days in Gaza in the past few years.

Unarmed protestors continue to march to the Israeli border hurling rocks and burning tires while Istaeli troops fired on the group indiscriminately. The UN secretary general has called for an investigation into the “cowardly” killings.

The US, Uk and EU all consider Hamas a terrorist organization, which co-signs Israels use of sniper fire to control the unarmed protestors who are believed to be organized by Hamas. Hamas was the group who initially employed suicide bombings targeting both military and civilian marks.   

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I found just what I was needed, and it was entanteiring!

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