Michael Bennett attacked by Government to which he pays taxes

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Michael Bennett Attacked

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkeirng.com


Michael Bennett, has been a man with a bullseye on his back since he decided to stand up for or rather take a knee for those unarmed Black people who have been gunned down buy law enforcement officials.

The Eagles Defensive lineman formerly of the Seattle Seahawks ran into trouble before in Las Vegas with law officers and again it is the consensus of many The Thinkering readers that Bennett is being treated unfairly. The 32-year-old, with nine years in the NFL all with the Seahawks and formerly a Texas A&M outstanding player earns a whopping $10, 1666,667 annually, with a signing bonus of $8,000,000. Heading into his tenth professional year, the DL, boast a net worth of more than $22 million.

Even with the professional accolades he was handcuffed and treated like a common felon in Houston on last week, being forced to pay a $10,000 bond for bumping an elderly lady in a wheelchair during the 2017 Super Bowl game.

This behavior further supports the US commitment to maintain the status quo of Blacks relegated to the bottom rung of the American cast system. Interestingly, there is no attempt to hide the intent, it is as in your face as it was in the 1950’s.

It reminds me of a quote I heard from the venerable Malcolm X, during a television interview saying, "what do you call an educated negro with a B.A. or an M.A., with a B.S., or a PhD?" The answer? "You call him a ni**er, because that is what the white man calls him, a ni**er."

While many people cite change over the centuries, I can’t see it. I see the same injustice in today’s American as I saw in 1800 with Gabriel Prosser. As the world celebrates stories of the success of The New Rosanne Show exacerbates the gulf between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. The divide is made complete by separating working class citizen along racial lines while socio economic advantages and dis advantages go un noticed.

Disappointingly, more of the same.   

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