China imposes tariffs in response to the US export changes

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Pork Farms -Chinese imposes Tarriffs

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



China is the second largest importer of American farm products. On Monday morning Beijing imposed tariffs of up to 25% on more than 120 American products, including fruits, nuts, and wine, this move in retaliation to Trumps decision to raise taxes on Chinese imports.

Consumers of American products will now have to pay more for the western products they have grown to ove including pork and a staple of the Chinese diet.

Demand for pork in China has outpaced the farmers abilities to produce the other white meat. Based on 2017, numbers the US exported and estimated $130.4bn of product to China. While the affected number for current products is $3bn, it is still considered small compared to the overall sum.

Currently, the US has a nearly $400bn trade deficit with China. Just weeks ago, Dumb Donald didn’t know if Canada had a surplus or deficit with import and exports and boasted his ignorance saying ,”I didn’t know.”

This move is expected to continue to harm farmers as they have been on shaky ground of late.

This move from China makes clear, it will not take shots from the current administration, even if it means taking a few losses.  

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