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Rowkin Bit Charge

Scribe: Francine McCreary and N. Tru Bass

Email: and


Small and solid, but interestingly not easily to lose. Good quality sound, descent volume, perfect for workouts and even an occasional shower.


The Rowkin Bit Charge, is almost never out of power with just a little dedication to a weekly charge of the charging base. While using the Rowkin’s I rode the recumbent bike at the local LA Fitness and walked out of the gym on the telephone. I walked nearly halfway across the parking lot before the buds disconnected from my phone. I immediately turned around and hastily fetched my phone, the Rowkin’s saved the day.


In a pinch, the docking stations is good for 22.5 hours according the Rowkin’s specifications. For the device itself, Rowkin claims you can get as much as 3 hours of talk time and up to 2 hours of music time. My experience with the tiny earbuds was a little different. I got about 1.5 hours of music time from the earbuds on the outside. And talk time I always had ample time to talk and drop them back into the charger which sports a magnetic catch to guarantee seating.

The entire system is small even the sleek charging station. The appearance was cool and eye catching, I have gotten a lot of compliments. I personally never had any trouble with the ear fit, but I could see for an instance of a person with maybe extra small ear holes having a problem keeping them snug. The earbud itself is a bit heavy for its size is why I made the previous statement.

If I could change anything, I would push the music use time out a to at least offer a three hour continuous use ability. And, this con is not a necessity but I would love to see a separate volume selector on the earbuds themselves.  Frustratingly, when listening to music the sound quality is good and is ample in both ears, however, when making a telephone call sound is only available in one ear.  With the non audible ear bud plugged in hearing is fairly easy, but both ears would be substantially better.  

Sound quality would have to be what I enjoyed most along with the sleek size and design of the Rowkin Bit Charge earbuds. To answer a phone call while listening to music simply press the button on the right ear bud and Viola, you are connected. When the call is disconnected, you music starts up where you left off.

Suggested retail price for the pair that I tested was, $119. I would say they are well worth it but, I’m sure you would not have much trouble catching the Bit Charge product on sale at an even better price.   

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