Philippines refuses to participate in US Wars

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Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Philippines have gained nothing “except brutality and agony.,” for participating in US led wars.

President Rodrigo Duterte seconded his previous sentiments recently. The US and Philippines are treaty allies, the two countries hold joint military exercises to improve the functionality of the troops, however in recent years relations have been strained.

Duterte openly said he opposes the US policy to drag other countries to war in different parts of the world. The notoriously outspoken president said, "We did not benefit (from these expeditions) all these years of sacrifice except brutality and agony. We will stand on our own,"

Allies around the world have pushed against the brutality of American wars. This is just the lates in a series of friendlies showing disapproving aggression.

During a recent speech to the graduates of the Philippine National Police Academy in Silang, Cavite on Wednesday.  

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