New Chinese Tariffs Proposed by White House --Retailers want Reconsideration

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Chinese Trade

Scribe: Samuel Otis



Last month Dumb Donald imposed weighty tariffs on steel and aluminum, he complained the US was getting the short end of the stick concerning mostly European trade.

He is now proposing heavy tariffs on Chinese goods, to the tune of $60billion. US retailers, have gathered to present a request for the White House to reconsider. The new taxes are mostly on telecommunications and technology and consumer products.

Specific information is expected to be released as soon as Friday.

The group penned a letter organized by the Retail Industry Leaders Association and is agreed upon by the largest 25 retail stores. The retailers insist the new taxes will hurt American Families. Again Trump is offering the maxim of unfair trade practices.

The proposed change could effect more than 100 products including the categories of footwear, IT products, electronics, and other patented products.

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