Officer arrested for running a Drug Stash House

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Officer Arrested in Drug Den Bust

Scribe: Samuel Otis



Taking the good with the bad. A NYPD housing officer and her boyfriend have been arrested for allegedly turning their Bronx apartment into a drug stash house. The duo were recently arrested outside their Bronx apartment while unloading bags from a Massachusetts day trip.

During the encounter, both Officer Yessenia Jimenez,31, and her boyfriend, Luis Soto,33, have been charged with drug trafficking and weapon possession charges as part of a larger multinational investigation. DEA agents have been investigating a heroin trafficking ring smuggling drugs from Mexico to New York. Soto’s telephone number was in a known trafficker’s phone in Queens in January which put him on the radar along with her police officer girlfriend, Jimenez.

At the time of the bust, Officer Jimenez, was found to have $25,000 in cash and Soto possessed, $25,000 in a plastic bag. Jimenez’s attorney made the argument against the weapons charges saying “Given that she's a police officer she's kind of mandated (to have) her service weapon with her.”

She was released on a $75,000 bond, while Soto agreed to be held without bond.  

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